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  1. Warning
    As concerns locations and purchase of real estate in Sardinia, detailed proposal of real estate locations will be sent after a request by the real estate agency E-Sardinia srl, without any obligation for the client. E-Sardinia srl is regularly enrolled at the House of Commerce in Cagliari.

    None of the services published on the website can be compared to a package holiday.

  2. Real Estate Agency E-Sardinia srl offers
    The above mentioned society acts in the name of, and on behalf of, the owners of the estates as an agent. For this kind of locations (i.e. locations for temporary use) they are in use Italian laws for the estate field. For any controversy it is competent the forum of Cagliari.

    E-Sardinia srl is not to be considered responsible in the following cases:
    • Civil or penal consequences for dysfunctions or damages in the structures, facilities, furniture of the houses. The only responsible is the owner of the house.
    • Theft in the houses;
    • Interruption, oversight or anomalies of the following services (under the responsibility of a third party)
      - municipal street cleaning and refuse disposal service;
      - streets;
      - electricity supply;
      - drinking water supply;
      - sewer systems;
      - condominial services (swimming pools, tennis courts, entertainment...).
    • It might be possible that E-Sardinia srl cannot forsee these events, although its utmost care.
    • Sea and Beaches
      The sea is a live ecosystem, so there may be traces of seasonal biological cycles of plants and animals in place (eg cycle poseidonia that is protected by the state and is not alterable by the private sector).
      The use of the sea and the natural environment surrounding the property, is not the subject of this contract shall not be in any way attributable to the agent or owner. This may be limited by natural events or negligence of third parties, including but not limited to: natural disasters, environmental accidents, pollution, interdiction and seizure by the State Corps, the presence of Posidonia, beach erosion, changes in the seabed, limitations or dirt resulting from storm surges and more.

  3. Descriptions.
    Descriptions of properties, other services and prices are checked with great care.
    For the complexity of software applications and the internet, we cannot guarantee the absence of mistakes or inaccuracies from the web pages.
  4. Arrival and departures in our houses and villas in the South of Sardinia *

    About one week before arrival, you will be asked to communicate to the agency the time you arrive  to Sardinia.  Then, depending on that day timetable for arrivals and departure , and also on cleanings,  you will be given a check-in time that cannot be changed. The reason of this is not because we are insensitive , but because :

    ·         Check-in time is between 5 and 8 p.m.

    ·         Check-out time is between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m.

    ·         Each %u2018arrival' implies that a co-worker of ours has to take a client to the rented  house

    ·         There may be even 15-20 km from a house to another

    ·         On Saturdays , there may be many  arrivals at the same time

    ·         All the houses must be cleaned in a few hour time

    ·         Everybody would like to leave the house late, and enter the house early, of course this is not possible, please try to be correct and honest in this sense

  5. Big houses rules : for this kind of rentals, it is compulsory to indicate only ONE representative, who is the person to whom we address the rental contract, and the one we refer to, for the whole rental period.  This person is the one who, for example, makes the payments, communicates to the agency both before and after arrival, receives the keys of the house locally at arrival.  All the other people staying in the house or the possible host families CANNOT communicate to the agency in his place in any phase of the rental, particularly when we deliver the house (in this sense, please read the arrival rules carefully)

  6. Arrival rules, big houses and/or contemporary arrivals in more than one apartment: the agency will deliver the house ONLY and directly to one representative (please see above).  Nobody else is admitted (any other people may enter the house only after the check-in procedure ends) .  This particularly concerns the delivering  of big houses and/or if many apartments are contemporarily delivered. This in only due to make the check-in procedure as easier as possible and avoid the mess that usually occurs at arrival. Thank you for understanding.

  7. Cancellation policy
    Standard houses rental:  One month before  the rental starts, you have to pay for the balance. If you don't, the rental is cancelled and you loose the confirmatory deposit. If you decide to cancel the booking after paying for the balance, particularly if this occurs by the term of 20 days before arrival, the agency E-Sardinia srl will keep  50% of the balance , along with the confirmatory deposit.  Should you cancel the booking  after the deadline of 20 days to the beginning of the rental, E-Sardinia will keep the entire amount of the balance.

  8. Rental of luxurious houses:  in this case, the policy of cancellation may vary, we will inform you from time to time

  9. Owner acceptance clause:  the owner claims to know the number of people and the arrangement of the group of tenants  BEFORE authorizing the rental.  Depending on this information, he may not agree with the rental or ask the tenants to pay  for a higher security deposit.

  10. Requests for refunds
    The houses are rented through us include private homes.
    It is not possible to monitor the presence or operation of all the small accessories or services featured at the start of the season at home, by way of example and not limited to: deck chairs, picoli appliances, screens, remote controls, antennas, televisions, lamps .. ..
    The properties are managed structures, such as hotels, and are not fungible and interchangeable with other identical, such as hotel rooms.
    We are not able to prevent the entry of animals or insects (rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches .....) during your stay.
    Redemption requests related to the threat of bad reviews or slander, will be prosecuted under the law.
    Our policy is therefore to decline requests for reimbursement


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All the houses on the web site are presented by E-Sardinia srl, a tourist estate agency registred FIAP