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Mistakes to avoid

The few misunderstandings with our customers  arise for the following reasons

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we have made clear some concepts related to the rental of a holiday house with Rent Sardinia.

  • Rent Sardinia is a real estate agency
    We rent properties of private owners, second houses and holiday houses. We check the houses several times, before and after each location. The owners are the only responsible of the conditions of the house and of its functionality, as agreed on the contract. The tenant, as a leaseholder, is responsible for the integrity of the house during the location, as agreed on the contract.

  • We are not a tour operator or a travel agency
    What you have to expect from us and from our houses:
    - a house corresponding to the description of the website;
    - a serious and professional interlocutor;
    - a house suitable for tourist use.
  • Duties of the tenant-customer:
    - to observe the regulation (schedule, payments...);
    - to respect the house.
    Nothing else.
  • If you want, we can give you some advice, but the choice is yours
    If  you travel with a  group of friends, it is often a bit difficult to satisfy everybody's needs. Ask your friends to be as flexible as possible. If they asked you to choose and plan the holiday, they have to accept what you have chosen.
  • Choose the house with your partner
    Husbands often choose the house without involving their wives. Once in Sardinia, in front of their Ladies' complaints, they awkwardly try to pin the blame on the agency. Ladies, ask for respect!  
  • "I am a very fastidious person. I take care of all details..."
    That's alright, but please consider that these are second houses: perfection can be found in hotels (but it is not always true). As in all houses, even in our houses there are little defects, but never such as to ruin a normal holiday.
  • If something is not specified, do not give for granted that it is in the house: ask our staff for it.
    You can send an email and call us: do it to ask what you need to know about the house. We always try to give you all information directly on the website, but we will never be able to be completely exhaustive.
  • If you think that the house does not satisfy your needs, please do not choose it.
    Do not be pleased with it. If you had in mind something different from what we offer, it is better if you do not choose the house.
  • It is not possibile to change the house you rented, in any case
    Houses are not interchangeable because they are different among them and because they belong to different owners. You have to choose with great care: read carefully the information on the house file and call us before booking to dispel all doubts.
  • Are you travelling with other couples? Rooms are not all identical...
    You are going to sleep in different bedrooms: consider that the bedrooms are not identical. One might be bigger than another one; one might face the see, the other one  might not. The rooms of a house are not a standard product as hotel rooms: they have been created for the owner's needs.
  • Mind expectations
    "What a house! What a blue sea, and what a light! I'll book it now!"
    We have got good houses in our catalogue, as well as average houses. They are suitable for the use proposed (tourist, for a short time,) with different levels of comfort. Sometimes our customers do not read the list of appliances and equipment, or the characteristics of the house, and they just consider the pictures. We ask you to do it: read all the file and look at the pictures. We made the description of the houses after having personally seen them.
  • We do not have much water in Sardinia, but with a bit of attention...
    All houses have a water reserve, but we  do not have any big river in Sardinia. That is why, sometimes, there are no washing machines or dishwashers in our houses. Anyway, it is always specified on the house file: you will not have bad surprises on your arrival. We ask you to use water with common sense, as we suffer long periods of draught: do not use the washing machine just for a towel, and do not leave tabs open. The waste of water kills Sardinia.
  •  To be on holiday means to relax and to forget the city...
    Are you dreaming of isolated beaches, total silence and absolute relaxation? You can find what you are dreaming of in Sardinia, above all if you decide to travel in June or September and you choose amazing -but not vary famous- places. But if you decide to come in August, well, you have to be a little more tolerant: you won't find the crowd of the rush-hour, but keep in mind that you are going to have neighbours around and other bathers on the beach.
  • "It's not very wild, here..."  (said by some English tourists in Costa Smeralda!!!)
    Sardinia is one of the most wild placet in Europe, but do not dream of a Polinesian paradise as depicted by Gaughin, above all in Costa Smeralda: if you wish to have a holiday in places still little visited, you anly have to ask!
  • In Sardinia you definitely need a car
    Come with yours, or rent it. Transportation means do not work well and bus lines are not very frequent, or they are very slow. Moreover, you need hours to travel across the island by train.




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