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TRAVELLING BY SEA: Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the ports?
Cagliari, Olbia (SS), Porto Torres (SS) and Arbatax (NU)

We would advise that you disembark at the closest port to your holiday destination because there are no motorways in Sardinia and road travel can be a little challenging - above all after a ferry journey!

Ferries going to Sardinia depart from Civitavecchia, Fiumicino, Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, Marseilles (France), Naples, Palermo, Piombino, Toulon (France), Trapani, Tunisia.

To disembark at:

  • Cagliari: Depart from: Civitavecchia, Genoa, Livorno, Palermo, Trapani, Naples, Tunisia
  • Porto Torres: Depart from: Genoa, Marseilles, Toulon
  • Olbia: Depart from: Civitavecchia, Genoa, Livorno Fiumicino, Piombino, La Spezia
  • Arbatax: Depart from: Genoa, Civitavecchia, Fiumicino

The Companies
Travel to Sardinia with: Tirrenia, Sardinia Ferries, Grimaldi, Moby Lines, Linea Golfi, SNCM Ferryterranèe.

How long does it take to arrive? A rough idea...
If you travel with Tirrenia from Genoa, it will take around 13 hours to reach Porto Torres and around 20 hours to arrive in Cagliari. It will be an overnight voyage.

From Civitavecchia it will take around 8 hours to reach Cagliari.
If you travel with Grimaldi from Genoa, it will take around 10 hours.
If you travel with the Tirrenia quick ferry service (NV) the travel time is halved to 5 hours.
For a complete timetable, refer to the company's individual websites.

The Quick Ferry Service (NV)
within 5 hours you can be in Sardinia (only between June and September) The ferries are run by Tirrenia during the summer and only on the routes between Fiumicino - Arbatax and Fiumicino - Aranci Gulf. In five hours, sea conditions permitting, you can be in Sardinia!

But how do I get to the beach?

  • From the Port of Cagliari:
    It is easy to get to the beach at Chia in the west or to Villasimius in the east, or towards other destinations using the SS131. Cagliari is also well situated to reach the Costa Verde Carloforte and the beaches of Sulcis or Torre Grande and S'Archittu in the area of Oristano.
  • From the Port of Arbatax:
    Arbatax is right in the middle of the Ogliastrina coast, therefore, if your destination is the beaches of the Ogliastra or the Orosei Gulf, Arbatax is the ideal place to arrive - all the holiday facilities are within 1-hour drive.
    It is also a good spot to reach San Teodoro or the Costa Smeralda in the north (roughly 2 hours by car) or Villasimius in the south (roughly 1.5 hours by car)
  • From the Port of Olbia:
    If you are going to the Costa Smeralda or San Teodoro, this is the nearest port. The Costa Smeralda is to the north. Within 45 minutes by car you can reach all the facilities. San Teodoro takes around 30 minutes.
    N.B. In August, particularly, the traffic can be very heavy at certain times.
    From the port of Olbia you can also reach Ogliastra and the Orosei Gulf towards the south or you could even do a coast-to-coast journey towards Alghero (around 1.5 hours by car)
  • From the Port of Porto Torres:
    If your holiday destination is either Alghero, Stintino, Badesi, Cstelsardo or the Paradise coast, it is advisable to arrive at Porto Torres. Alghero is about a half-hour drive towards the south. From Porto Torres you can also travel down the SS131 300km to Cagliari. Porto Torres is also well situated to get to Bosa on the west coast.


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